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  1. @cv2ofcov where’s the problem? tottenham is a good team and all matches have their history. But remember that inter is world champion and last year chelsea was beaten 2-1 to san siro and 0-1 in the second leg. bye bye carletto!

  2. @Forza10Udinese you dont know what your on about Ac and inter couldnt even handle spurs 5th place in the prem. where were the italian teams in the semi this year ? italy have a good history there future isnt looking so good with teams like barca, madrid, chelsea and man city spending big money… The best league in the world EPL and also tevez and berba are both on 21 goals ibrahimovic isnt even a ac player hes on loan

  3. @cv2ofcov Oh, so now it’s easier to score in Italy? The country with the best defense? It’s obviously easier to score in England, yet I don’t see Drogba doing so. In fact I don’t see a single EPL player in the run for the golden boot. Where are all your goals?
    Also AC Milan has scored just as many goals as MAN U but given up probably half. The spuds only scored on a break while Milan played light years ahead. And it’s only by luck that they won.

  4. @cv2ofcov Have you ever thought that’s because Di Natale didn’t sell his soul to football and remained at a little known club called Udinese, while Drogba plays in Chelsea. It’s a well know fact that players in bigger clubs receive more attention. While players who are exceptionally brilliant, but decide that money isn’t everything get nothing. If Di Natale moved to a bigger club I dare to say that he would’ve gotten the Golden Boot.

  5. @cv2ofcov That doesn’t change the fact that Inter is the world champion. Also last year england had 0 in the last 4.

  6. @GlalaxyFighters also stop bringing history into this last 4 in the semi ? english 1, spanish 2, germany 1

  7. @GlalaxyFighters stop trying to compare di natale to drogba everyone in the world knows drogba is much better you geek im english but have italian in me and i like italy but drogba is better than any italy player! fact… why didnt di natale get striker of the year ? why did drogba ? because he is clearly better

  8. @cv2ofcov Your Drogba now scored 11 goals while Di Natale did 26. You are forgetting that Milan won more titles than any team from your shitty league. Though history Serie A was much better an had much better clubs and players than England, which is even worse that Spanish Primera. Even the current world champion is from Italy, you should inform yourself about football…

  9. @GlalaxyFighters drogba got 29 not far off and the premier league is harder than the shit italian league even spurs beat your best club

  10. @b64channel its whatever man, either way i am good. they are all beasts and making millions and all we can do is sit back and enjoy. just dont hate too much

  11. @lorma92 you call him an idiot and gay just because he gave his opinion? (which is more realistic than yours anyway) Anelka, Drogba and Torres couldn’t score 30 league goals with Udinese in one season ‘shortly’. Anelka is a good forward, but Di Natale is the legend.

  12. @lorma92 well, the Italian team is the current champion. Italian teams won more titles than English teams. You are just showing off who the real idiot is by going around and insulting people. Going by your logic, is Cantona better than Del Piero and Batistuta? hahaha

  13. @GlalaxyFighters stop being an idiot. lets see Di natale do that in England. the italian serie A is not at the same level in England. Anelka Drogba and Torres are all better than that shorty. please stop being so gay

  14. @lorma92 hahaha Di Natale scored 30 goals with Udinese last season. Even Drogba or Torres couldn’t do that with that club. Di Natale is the legend while Anelka is a joke. If you are trying to be funny you’re not so successful 😉

  15. to me antonio is more skillful with the ball, but nicolas is more stronger, athletic, even faster than antonio

  16. theres no contest, its harder to score in serie a, just ask ian rush about that.

    toto is a much better player than le sulk.

  17. @MansS18 you are just a biased person. obviusly you support and watch the Italian Serie A. i watch all the major European leagues and without a doubt the Enlgish Premiership is the best. Anelka has proved to be a fine striker. Di Natale is good, but in Anelka’s prime, he is better overall

  18. Di natale plays in one of the most defensive leagues in the world and still scores like crazy. Anelka was good but his time is over, unless he can find impressive form within a few weeks

  19. Anelka is also a clinical, intelligent forward. he also plays in the English Premiership, the best league in the world. lets see Di Natale play there. i dont think he will be as good

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