25 replies on “Didier Drogba shows great skills before he finally scores!”

  1. @gironashah hey technically he isn’t a monkey just an ape like all humans

  2. @bendikvalen well no, im saying that its not visible wether you see the class of a player like drogba or messi, if you can only say “ronaldo is better”.
    it kinda shows you only watch ronaldo as closely as you should.

  3. @suckieduckie so what ur saying is that you are trashing a player if u say ronaldo is better? that is what you are writing ….

  4. @Palanub whats that supposed to mean? ive seen them all play tons of times, and this is just my opinion.
    if you cant see the genious of xavi and messi, you need to watch them better

  5. @suckieduckie lol your probably on the suckiedickie messi and xavi bandwagon. i highly doubt you’ve seen any of them play

  6. why is it, that on every freaking movie a see about a brilliant player, (be it messi, van persie, zidane or drogba) there are ALWAYS people saying C.ronaldo is better.
    and its so not true lol, i mean hes better then everyone except for xavi and messi but thats no reason to go and trash other wonderous players :O
    so hush Cronaldo lovers

  7. fuck u black monkey we hate you,,,,,,,,,,,where r english white player in english teams,,,,,

  8. that’s ronaldo’s go to move too. basically an updated version of cryuff’s move.

  9. Its a shame when u guys compare that lil bitch C Ronaldo to Drogba… Big time shame.. 🙁

  10. @Yovitten well he can make it better but then he dives, drogba didn’t you lil fuck
    so drogba is better

  11. What’s so great about that trick? C. Ronaldo makes it all the time, and way better!

  12. @XXfearciousXX How could he have copied ronaldo when he was playing for Marseille. Ronaldo didn’t know what was football at the time.

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