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When a footballer retires, what do their fans do? Are we also supposed to retire? Are we supposed to forget all about them?

Or do we keep on following them, even though now, instead of supporting them on the pitch, we support them in their ordinary day-to-day lives? Cheering as they spend time with their wives and kids, make great and interesting points as a pundit, or build great teams as a manager?

We fell sooo in love with Drogba and Anelka when they played together at Chelsea, that it is just not possible to turn it off: to forget it ever happened, and to move on.

This site started in tribute to Didier et Nicolas when they were in full throw, striking fear in every football defence in the World. It continues to this day, as we follow their progress, thoughts, and comments after retiring from action, as well as reminiscing about the great times we had when they were still around.

We loved Didier and Nicolas then – we still love Didier and Nicolas now!

Contact us about writing or sponsorship opportunities: info [at] DidierAndNicholas.com