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  1. @Deekstercph

    i live in kadikoy and obviously i support fenerbahce <3. yattara is hell of an player with lots of problems like other african players. besiktas will go down unless they win turkish cup because thats the only way to play in european cups for them. i dont like besiktas, i know their history and all but last decade theyve became something cheap.

  2. @Kubil6y
    Hmm, yes, Kiev hammered them and they don’t look too convincing in the league. However you must remember that they have bought many new players and they need time to gel. I think Besiktas, in time, will improve.
    My team in Turkey is Trabzonspor. I love Yattara. Who do you support?

  3. @Deekstercph
    ohh i thought you are beşiktaş fan. imo beşiktaş is a media tool, their scores against european and istanbul teams are just pathetic. ;D but you are right turkish league is underrated, we have time to catch top leagues in europe.

  4. @Kubil6y
    The turkish league is very underrated. A lot of money and a very high technical level, although the tactical aspects are lacking a bit.
    Besiktas are looking lethal: Manuel Fernandes, Guti, Quaresma, Hugo Almeida, Simao and more.
    Gala:Arda, Baros, Pino, Kewell, Servet and more
    Fener: Dia, Santos, Alex, Stoch, Demirel, Niang, Guiza, Hurmaci, Emre and more
    Trabzonspor: My favourite – Yattara,
    Bursaspor: Ipek, Yildirim, Miller, Altidore and more.

  5. @hirofan

    we are in the top of the league right now but its so close. altidore is so young and strong but he needs to improve himself for sure. he made a good choice to come turkey because its not easy to take time in english premier league at the same time turkish league becomes popular, good players come here like anelka, roberto carlos, guti, quaresma, frank ribery etc…

  6. @Kubil6y
    I see.. how is Fenerbahçe performing in this
    current season of Süper Lig? And have you
    seen American striker Jozy Altidor? Is he play-
    ing well?

  7. @hirofan

    biggest club in turkey and we got pretty decent scores against sevilla, chelsea in champions league 2008.

  8. @TheTeroristi
    Fenerbahçe S.K. in Turkey. They are called the
    Yellow Canaries. Isn’t that cute?

    Nicolas played there before his two years with
    Bolton Wanderers.

  9. Bu Adam bu sene chelsea yi sirtladi!! Bu Adami o guzel cubukluyla canli seyretmek…

  10. aynen katılıyorum cezamuratdere fenerbahçeyi de mal zennediyorlar bu yöneticiler unutmasınlar ki fenerbahçe de kişiler gelir geçe taraftar bakidir ve bu yöneticilerde gelip geçecek

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