1. i cant belive this is drogba! he has played so bad this season, i think he is too old or sumthing :s

  2. please anyone tell me what other striker can do what didier just did at the beginning of the video he is the best striker has all the attributes and is a complete forward, even says it on fifa

  3. ALAN PARDEW; “I’m a big fan of Didier, but I don’t think I’ll entice him to the north-east. It’s a bit cold for him at this stage of his career. Some set the example of others to follow, he’s done that. He’s an outstanding player for Chelsea”. It’s funny how people outside the club appreciate the great work he has done for chelsea more that the chelsea fans. These are the kind of players that bring honor to a club. He needs to stay and pass on what he’s got to the younger players. Viva Drogba.

  4. Without a doubt, the “greatest centre forward in the world” for the past 5 years…!!! Long may he reign…!!!

  5. @ThePunchClock dude…calm down its just fucking drogba….Hugo Almeida is clearly the best striker ever.

  6. No matter what he does I will always remember his pathetic bitchslap in the champions league final more than anything XD