1. i just dont like his style of kicking penalties ~~ maybe he kicks them with precision, but they are SO WEAK . just like the one against everton; the keeper made fun of anelka’s kick

  2. One of the greatest strikers ever. So humble, so underrated and so damn talented. I wish he continues this fantastic start to the season and brings us CL, FA CUP, AND EPL. C’mon Anelka!!

  3. So…if I feel like Common (the singer) and Kobe Bryant used their wonder twin powers and created a child, and named him Nicolas Anelka.

    No homo.

  4. Awesome video, well done and im an Anelka fan myself
    TheSpinFire, if you let me know what this song is called, i’ll be appreciating it mate, thanks in advance

  5. @Nicclaass Thank you 😀 I hope you’re delighted because you got what you wanted earlier 😉