Many designated players have often failed to take off in the MLS December 6, 2015 February 8, 2017 AnDrogElkBaa

Many designated players have often failed to take off in the MLS due to a different style of football in this region, but Montréal Impact forward Didier Drogba does not appear to be one of them.

The former Chelsea striker joined the club after ending his European adventure in the best possible manner, having been tipped to make a move for months by the likes of the transfer rumours website. He lifted the Premier League title once again with the blues before turning his head to the MLS. He has been a massive influence on the team ever since joining Montréal Impact. Drogba has already scored some important goals and it has propelled Montréal to fifth in the table.

The team are only a couple of points behind the top places and they are one of the favourites to win the MLS play-offs on this kind of form. Drogba’s presence has been attributed to this success as the striker has scored nine goals in just 10 games so far. Montréal Impact midfielder Patrice Bernie claims that Drogba is a unique combination of mental and physical strength to the team. According to the midfielder, Drogba always manages to remain positive even in the worst situation. This provision a team with a lot of balance while the quality of the striker on the pitch remains undisputed.

“I think he seemed to realize quickly, to understand what type of league this is and his main objective is winning. He’s been very positive; he’s never been down, saying, ‘The situation is bad.’ He’s always thinking about what we can do to be better, what we can do to get a result. It speaks more to who he is as a player and what he’s here to do. You hear all these things about him before he came about how great he is in the locker room, his leadership qualities, and he’s been everything people said he was going to be and even more so,” said Bernie.