25 replies on “HD Nicolas Anelka – All goals 08/09 Golden boot”

  1. @alanmullery Because John Motson is a Chelsea fan and he’s diapointed that Ballack missed. If you look at the list of famous people on the Chelsea website it says John Motson is a Chelsea fan on the Chelsea Football Club official website.

  2. Chelsea should still keep Nicolas Anelka for nextο»Ώ 2011-12 season he’s quality and he’s fast also remember he did win the golden boot in 2008-09 with 19 premier league goals and had 25 goals in all competitions. Also Anelka has 16 goals in all competitions this 2010- 11 season.

  3. wow some fortunate goals, murdered it on the last goal though that shit was perfect

  4. Haha why does John Motson say ‘Ballack’ in such a disappointed way at 44 seconds!?

  5. @cv2ofcov it was a poor penalty, but anyone could have struck it like that

  6. Why use all hating on anelka for missing the penalty in the champions league final it weren’t his fult

  7. Anelka is a shame for soccer, he sucks, he’s a bad person and he’s useless. Remember the missing penalty in Champion’s League final, remember he got kicked from the world cup. I so hate you Anelka. Fuck you!

  8. someone showed anelka this video before the sunderland game tonight coz he on fire

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