25 replies on “Chelsea FC – Player of the Year Awards”

  1. @PS3TheJamesS I’m quite disappointed that I share a name with such a racist cunt as yourself. (thats if your name is James)

  2. @sirtheory1 You should be ashamed of yourself. In this 21st Century? *shm* Grow up & enlighten yourself, you ignorant piece of shit.

  3. I knew Carlo will get sacked after losing to 10 man Everton. That was just poor. No way near the Chelsea standards. I appreciate his achievements last year. Next manager will either be Villas-Boas or Hiddink i think

  4. who ever the manager is i dont give fuck and my blood is blue … GO the BLUES

  5. omg now that carlo has left … who is gonna replace him ?? its not gonna be jose mourinho .. nor guus hiddink … who the fuck ?!?!

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