25 replies on “Goals Montage ft Long shots from Manchesters Carlos Tevez, Chelsea FCs Nicolas Anelka FIFA 10 Sports”

  1. im well better than this if u wanna game add me
    my name is king-steve-10 on ps3

  2. how the heck did u guyz score from there with volleys it looks damn awesme

  3. how u guys done this i cant even score from so far because of the dam goalkeeper,it keep capturing it

  4. @FIFAmnesia thanks for the tips but its just really hard for my pro to make a shot from half way

  5. @FIFAmnesia
    Rainbows work from close range to like 30 ft out.
    iv tried from longer but it’s more difficult.

  6. @BColub12 Get teams with players that have good LOng range shooting.
    Examples: Chelsea with Ballack and Lampard.
    And Argentina is good too, and France, and Spain, and Netherlands too.
    But the point is that you start running, and aim towards the goal and shoot,
    Don’t put too much power or too little. Put a little bit before half power.

  7. @Dodgersrule28 I can’t really give you tips except this one: Try to do the rainbow trick then shoot, or just practice shooting in the arena.

  8. @SOxSAVAGE how do you do them? i can barely score from outside the 18 so i could really use the tips

  9. @SOxSAVAGE I do them all the time too, and no they aren’t special anymore. But it is still something. That is why I said: Gameplay is ”ok”.

  10. @FIFAmnesia Seriously.
    These goals, ANYONE can do.
    I do them all the time.
    Don’t get me wrong it feels great to get them..
    But it’s not special anymore.

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