26 replies on “Didier Drogba vs Wayne Rooney 2010 2011”

  1. @morbrormarijuana2 this video is pretty amazing with the quality and stuff. get a computer that can run 1080p and some glasses..

  2. @MufcJohn2010 dude great video you should make a video about wayne rooney vs. lionel messi as the 2 best strikers in the world the winner wins the champions league final

  3. errrr hell no droghba vs rooney both at their best droghba and iam a liverpool fan n i hate chelsea but u got to know roony needs a partner EVERYTIME he cant play by himself but droghba can do both dat why he is better and one of the greatest


  5. This is 2010/2011 or 2009/2010? You said in a comment 09/10 but either way, good video!

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  10. @morbrormarijuana2 if you cant see the goals and skills please get your eyes checked, honestly.

  11. @unknown2022 but this goes about the season 2009/2010 not about now with his 26 assists, and there’s at least 1 man he did not gave an assist to at all…

  12. @unknown2022 26 assists really? yeah i suppose you are right, i duno i just think rooney is better at all that other stuff. i do like drogba im a fan of his too but rooneys the one for me! besides i dont think drogba could handle playing in midfield or wide left like rooney can. i suppose thats the difference between them rooney literally can play any where on the pitch

  13. @esp1916
    I don’t think you have seen enough of Drogba, if you did you would know that you are describing DD, he has had 26 assists in all competitions this season . I agree about Rooney but I’m just saying Drogba does the same for the team.

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