Form is temporary but class is permanent April 20, 2015 April 20, 2015 AnDrogElkBaa

Form is temporary but class is permanent. This is a phrase that is utilized regularly with players who reach a fairly elevated age but still somehow manage to continue performing at a very high level. Andrea Pirlo, ZinedineZidane and Phillip Lahm are some examples of this.

Didier Drogba is another player that the phrase can be applied to as the player still manages to score goals and perform in a few matches for Chelsea and this is a huge accomplishment taking into consideration that the Ivorian attacker is 37 years old.

The experienced attacker has even stated that he does not have any plans to retire in this season as he wants to continue playing beyond this season.

When Didier Drogba was asked about the possibility of retiring, he replied by saying: “I have made a decision, yes. And no, it’s not my last season.”

Drogba hasn’t confirmed if he wants or plans to continue his career in Stamford Bridge but what he did say with absolute confidence is that he does not want to hang up his boots in this season.

Chelsea faced a surprisingly tough battle when facing off with the relegation threatened club Queens Park Rangers when both teams players against each other on April 12 and the final result was a 1-0 victory for the team of Jose Mourinho. When this match was over, Didier Drogba took the chance to say a few key elements that has helped Chelsea in this season in remaining in the top spot for such a long time.

“It was a tough game but the good thing with this team is you know that the breakthrough can come from anywhere. This is our spirit. We have to believe. We always play until the end.’’ Didier Drogba added on as he said that these are some of the things that have helped out Chelsea in this season and in their quest of securing a Premier League title which is something that they have not been able to do since 2010.