25 replies on “Didier Drogba Tribute – A Brief History | Sports Life Stories”

  1. I really liked your video.
    The new Single of Dr Dream ” My Nights ” is available .
    If you like to travel and dance , you will like it .
    Thank you .
    Respect from Paris .

  2. He thought it was right for him to leave when hes on top and always be
    remembered as a Chelsea legend 😉 Well that’s what i heard

  3. Didier Drogba confirmed his legend status in Chelsea folklore and in
    Football after the Champions League Final against Bayern. But as a person,
    Drogba is a hero among men, what an inspirational man he is. Charity work
    he does is unbelieable. Doesn’t matter who you support, you just have to
    respect him.

  4. he’s always 101% blue, always 10000% for the club, thats why we should name
    him KING DIDIER!!!

  5. Didier, more than a soccer star, you are a good person… we love you in

  6. Please don’t forget where Didier came from… he is the most underated
    football player in the world

  7. All fouls should be judged equal. Smaller players get awarded easier fouls
    while players like Drogba get mugged with no calls. It’s a fucking disgrace.

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