DROGBA GOT ENOUGH CREDIT FOR HIS CHELSEA WORK December 21, 2019 December 21, 2019 AnDrogElkBaa

Following Sadio Mane’s excellent work at Liverpool in the past few seasons, and his even better 2019, there have been renewed claims that his complexion caused him to be underrated. Mane finished in fourth place at the Ballon d’Or and it was his first major recognition in world football.

There have been claims that if Mane were to be South American or European, his work would have been earlier or better appreciated. Pointing to Didier Drogba as an example is a wrong move, as the Ivory Coast former international was duly recognized. Simply put, Drogba gets enough recognition for his service to the game.

The former Chelsea star recently had to turn down a plum job at Stamford Bridge to build something in his country football association. He is known as one of the greatest strikers at Chelsea, and in the Premier League football history. He is widely celebrated for his heroics at the national level, in England and the world stage – with the recent Ballond’orhonours a recent reminder.

Mane just needs to be consistent all season, and help Liverpool win their first Premier League title, and surely a top three spot in the world should not be so far away, just like Mo Salah.  Even Mane had the vote of Lionel Messi at the FIFA World Best award. His speed, accuracy, endurance and overall game make him one to reckon with in Europe.

Agreed players like Samuel Eto’O, Yaya Toure and Drogba could have been a bit elevated in status considering their effort, talent and success, but Mane’s time will come. Soon!