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  1. 2:33 elender Hurensohn weiss nicht einmal was das bedeutet -.-”
    elendes volk.


  3. @shemsu01 Complete opposite bro, possibly one of the most overhyped appearances followed by shit quality playing I think the world cup has ever had, and didnt even finish out with the team….anyone who didnt know anelka before the world cup would think he was a complete scrub lol

  4. Great player, except for the fact that he was complete shit in his first world cup call up, his game against uraguay, everytime he touched the ball he either made the pass too late or he made a slow and sorry attempt to beat the guy one on one and got ripped everytime. Then to put the cherry on top of the ice cream he curses the coach out and gets sent home early causing more problems for france thus the elimination, I really like him but wish he hadnt wasted his world cup moment like that

  5. Anelka proved himself to be an overpayed fag hope he gets kicked out of his club as well..

  6. @D4nnycfc Anelka aint shit, if you think about it, he is the one assisting alot of drogbas goals and making a big part of the runs… He aint shit.. He is no good goal scorer, but a good assistmaker!

  7. Chelsea only one loss in Premiership in 2004/05 is done by Anelka!

  8. You should be a movie director…this video’s well put together.
    I think the best of Anelka will come at the World cup, it will be his first World Cup ever !

  9. Quality video, well put together.

    Anelka is up there in the top 10 Premier League strikers of all time for me, pace, power and as good a finisher as most in England. One to watch out for in this summers World Cup, world-class player and a top pro to match. Chelsea got themselfs a great deal when they signed him.

  10. not a bad video!!! not bad at all!!!! 😀 im proud to say that i bought Anelka’s chelsea shirt on the day he made his first debut in 2006!!! i always believed in him even in times of recession and i’ve always been a huuuge fan!

  11. Excellent video mate, loving the Saw music, just goes to show Anelka like Jigsaw is deadly lol!

  12. God I’d actually kill for him to be in a Bolton shirt again.. Elmander should look at this and realize this is how to play football.

  13. he definately is.. 1 on 1 he never misses! im proud to say he played in a bolton shirt

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