25 replies on “Thierry Henry Interviews Didier Drogba In Africa”

  1. @Fearhumans What’s wrong with you two? Benni McCarthy (RSA) plays for West Ham (London), but you say he plays in England or in Europe. Does he play in every single city in England or in every single street in London? No. Steve Cherundolo (USA) plays for Hannover 96, but you say he plays in Europe, or you say he plays in Germany, right? Although his team didn’t qualify for the European tournaments in 2010-11, and he doesn’t play in every city in Germany, nor in every street in Hannover…

  2. @chuckalababe one of the best comments I’ve ever read on youtube. very well said, title needs to be changed.

  3. @ryanbeatbox Really? Are you being serious? I’m hoping you’re not being serious… We created these arb lines, as you say, so should we not acknowledge & ‘abide’ by them? Yes, it’s one land, but the people within these borders consider themselve to be different, based on language, culture & tradition. I can assure you life in Algeria is not the same as in Namibia… Do we overlook these difference because “we created arb lines”?

  4. @Kevin2ks Henry for me, i mean 4 example it took so long for drogba to bloom & really start playing at his best. although drogba scored nearly 40 goals in 2009 at 31 it was a one-off. henry put 26 away in his first season after spending like 4 months playing crap lol.

    i think hes done at least 25 goals/10 assists 5+ times at arsenal alone which i don’t think maradona even did at boca juniors & napoli combined 2 put it into perspective………

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