SIGNINGS HOLDING CHELSEA BACK? September 24, 2015 March 13, 2018 StrikeForce

Chelsea made quite a few signings this summer, but, most of them were young players who were placed on loan somewhere else immediately after their services were bought. Pedro was probably the only player who walked into the club having already made a name in the professional arena.

A few people might be wondering why so much emphasis on young talents and not so much on the established names for the Blues.

The reason is pretty simple. There must be some sort of logic behind what you do in terms of your transfers. Either you sign somebody and try and develop him for the future by loaning him out or making him play youth Football or whatever or you want the player to be good enough to make his way straight into the starting line up of your first team.

Now, at this point of time in World Football, how many players are there who make a case for starting for Chelsea? Those who are that good are already being a part of a renowned club where they are happy enough to not even think of leaving.

The Messis and Thomas Mullers of this world would probably retire at the same club where they started their careers because they are not deprived of anything there. Whilst the likes of Neymar and Suarez were heavily linked with Chelsea on football forums and elsewhere on the net, the chances of them actually happening were remote.

Jose Mourinho, who is probably as sharp witted as a manager can get, was not off the mark when in one of his recent interviews, he said, “It can be sometimes impossible to get the personnel of your choice.”

Yes, he was talking about those superstar names who, he would believe, would make his team stronger, but, they are just not available and thus, you can’t blame him or the Chelsea board for emphasizing mainly on eighteen to twenty two year olds this summer.