Phoenix Rising Manager Resigns a Day after Drogba’s Arrival May 4, 2017 May 4, 2017 AnDrogElkBaa

Didier Drogba has been given a major challenge just a day after his arrival at Phoenix Rising.

The former Chelsea forward decided to take up the player executive board from Phoenix Rising after spending almost 4 months without a club. He left Montreal Impact at the end of last season, and he has not been playing in these four months. Drogba stated that his ambition was to look at more than just playing for the next couple of years. He has joined Phoenix Rising as a player for the time being, and will ultimately become the club’s owner.

Yet, his arrival has been met with a surprise resignation of manager Frank Yallop. The manager had been in charge for only four matches of the 2017 campaign. However, he has chosen to resign from his role citing family reasons, but his departure certainly raises suspicion since it comes just a day after Drogba’s arrival. The former Chelsea forward was mobbed by fans at the Sky Harbor airport.

The club would be disappointed to see Yallop depart, as he is one of the top managers in this division. Yallop has been in charge of clubs like LA Galaxy and Chicago Fire. Phoenix Rising are hoping to be in the MLS in the next couple of years, but they do face a lot of competition.

Drogba is not fazed by the competition, as he expects Phoenix Rising to grow. “Helping set the stage for success at Phoenix Rising has been among the most enjoyable accomplishments in my career. The timing is perfect here for me to step aside and move back home with my family,” said Yallop.“Together, Phoenix is going to be in the MLS. It’s a great feeling to be here with the team. I think if there wasn’t this opportunity to go to the MLS, I would still be here to help the club and the city to get to the MLS,” said Drogba.