25 replies on “Nicolas Anelka Vs Thierry Henry”

  1. comparing anelka to henry?? just lol

    look at both players in their prime and henry decimates anelka

  2. Anelka ‘s performance is quite well and stable in the long term, age 20-now, and Henry’s was world class player but in the shorter term than Anelka.

  3. Henry is not consistent??? What a joke… Anelka hasn’t even been top goal scorer of the premier league… Anelka is highly underrated in my opinion… Henry is a Premier League Legend!! This guy manages 30+ goal season with Arsenal. Remember Arsenal poor start to the premier league during the 05-06 season… he ended up top goal scorer in that season… Henry and Anelka are very similar, but i think Henry is Far Superior and should be compared with the likes of Ronaldo (Brazilian)

  4. Whoever made this video simply is an idiot.. Henry has about 100 more goals than Anelka without counting goals in the world Cup.. Is it really a question who is better? lol…

  5. WTF, if you have been watching football lately you will know Anelka is better

  6. Henry will be remembered as the greater player
    I think Anelka had the same potential but he didnt focus or work as hard.Now Anelka is better as Henry is out of form

  7. I always rated Anelka a little higher. A bit sharper and the more natural striker. He can also dribble the ball well consistently whether in good or poor form.

    Henry has to be in top form to dribble and control the ball great. I like Henry but Anelka’s technique is consistent.

  8. Anelka is better by fucking light years
    all Henry is is a handballing bastard
    Anelka FTW

  9. guys anelka had his best year of his life last year and henry didn’t yet henry managed to score more goals last season than anelka they both scored 19 in their leagues anelka scored 19 in 35 games and henry scored 19 in 29 games
    they were both playing in the champions league last season anelka 12 apperances 2 goals
    henry 10 apperances 6 goals
    who is a better goal scorer? not to remind you with henry’s numbers in arsenal i rlly do love anelka but henry is better guys it’s da truth

  10. when da fuck did wenger say that was way better than henry no really when did he say that don’t fuckin bullshit

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