25 replies on “Nicolas Anelka – The Little Magician of Chelsea”

  1. Nicolas Anelka is a fantastic footballer. Fast, great striker, good skills, and a brings on another incredible energy to the team. Fantastic player.

  2. @M0rb1D4S can’t blame him mate… he’s so thick he thinks that anelka’s little? Is that the only adjective he could think of before magician? WOW. Plus, anelka’s scored MUCH better goals than these and has made amazing runs, this is a compilation of tap ins…. hardly worthy of anelka.

  3. @jaguero16 someone has to do it…a goal a goal where ever it from….30 yards or 3

  4. @bye1230 exactly! he did the work to get in position so he deserves a tap in 😀

  5. well actually, although tap ins look very easy they take alot of work, untraceable movement is required and that is why players like ruud van nistelrooy and michael owen (in his prime) are very good at this.

  6. well , some of his tap ins are because of his , his teammates creativity before taking the shot … better be alert in scoring that not

  7. Rofl if you realised, almost 95% of his goals are tap-ins. :p

    Nonetheless, nice vid. I wouldn’t say his very good and very young though. His 30.

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