Montreal Impact may be able to pair striker Didier Drogba and Matteo Mancosu September 5, 2016 September 5, 2016 AnDrogElkBaa

Montreal Impact may be able to pair striker Didier Drogba and Matteo Mancosu for their upcoming match after the former completed his one match suspension.

The next match for Montreal Impact is against New York Red Bulls. The team enjoyed a narrow 1-0 win over Houston Dynamo in the previous match. The victory was courtesy of the goal from newcomerMatteo Mancosu. The 31-year-old has joined in the MLS outfit on loan from Bologna. He is a player with experience of European football, although he is not at the same level as Drogba.

The return of the former Chelsea striker will be a major boost to the team ahead of the game with New York Red Bulls. Drogba was sent off in the 1-1 draw with DC United. It has given him an automatic suspension and he has completed the legal issues just in time for the game against a top team. Even though Montreal Impact have been in play-off contention throughout the campaign, they would want to catch up with the likes of New York Red Bulls in order to make progression in the table. New York Red Bulls are level on points with them in the table but after having played two games more.

Montreal coach Mauro Biello says that having Drogba andMancosu in the same team will be a great proposition. “I think they complement each other in terms of one being able to hold up the ball and being that target, and one guy now being able to get in behind with his movement. And when you do that, there’s always that doubt with defenders, because one is going to come and one is going to go, and you want to create that. And if you’re able to do that, you can find those openings that you’re looking for,” said the Montreal Impact coach.