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  1. Anelka what a fantastic player he is

    lol rio got burnt something serious…look at the acceleration!!!!!
    anelka one of the fastest strikers i’ve ever seen dudes rapid.

  2. anelka made it up to the boys in red by missing that penalty in the champions league final

  3. city till i die! but “first goal to the blue bloods” thats a real shite coment…

  4. go to this and put you tube in front watch?v=cN8s8qbTR68

    is much better quality

  5. man city r shit wers erikson now n who won the 1st derby eh?! fuk off city rooney 0-1 we dominated the whole game

  6. reply to takhar7 : we beat united twice ni one season. thats winning something!and so what if we havent won anything? we havent won anything for 30 years…ok.. but yet we still get 40’000 a week at CoMS

  7. Bye Bye Ronaldo,
    Bye Bye Ronaldo,
    United’s wonderkid,
    Off to Real Madrid,
    viva Elano.

  8. Fair enough nothing wrong with that. To be completely honest though that’s where United and City differ as clubs. If United go on to win the League no one will care if we lost to City twice this season, because trophies and success is the most important thing for a club our size. That’s the difference between the two clubs in my opinion.

  9. This is how it Feel to be City…
    This is how it feels to be small…
    This is how it feels to be winning nothing at all..

  10. lawl!..have it!!..2-1..Man POOO!…Eriksson ALl the way!…united have lost EVERY match this season that Ronney hasn’t been part of, the shitty bums!!…caaam on Juventus!..:D

  11. if rooney and ronaldo aren’t getting the job done, man u look like a mid table team. pretty much every time rooney doesn’t play, they drop points. it’ll be interesting to see what happens when ronaldo gets a 3-4 month injury and it will happen. we’ll see how costly this loss is after the arsenal blackburn game tonight.

  12. great tribute to the babes loosing to fuckin ultra wankers,city. utter cunts the lot of ya.
    enjoy the pissing shit weather

  13. aye good prediction bigbasti ya fuckin retard. come on city and rangers no surrender.

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