25 replies on “Malaysia XI Vs Chelsea 0-1 – Didier Drogba Free Kick Goal – July 21 2011 – [High Quality]”

  1. what ther was no goal and im a chelsea fan i cant see it anywhere it would be a bad goal

  2. @36makaveli

    thats not true….i was there at the stadium and all the crowd were cheering for both team…when chelsea was in malaysia penalty box the audiens cheer and when malaysia was at chelsea penalty box they were cheering…i’m a chelsea fan and i would 100% like to see malaysia win againts chelsea because i know that if malaysia can beat chelsea than malaysia will have a high percentage of getting to a higher level in football..

  3. yo…. this is football…. nothing going wrong….
    just play, style, learning, got a name …..
    not for fighting moron ….
    got a feeling….

  4. @MrRoby1232
    am not a chelsea fan…
    come on man..90% fans at the stadium is on blue…u think they all went for malaysia no way
    there were chelsea fans…they all liked if malaysia get beat….
    yeah malaysia did play well coz chelsea didnt play like they used to…they take malaysia as a joke…
    anyway the game was a set up…if it was a real game the scoreline will reach to dozen…

  5. That was never a goal. The rule says the ball have to cross the line completely. Nice kick but not a goal

  6. @TheCaravansary anything can happen.. against chelsea or manchester and the rest.. but you cant say that playing against barcelona or real madrid. its just not normal.. they are somethink different. no teams can face them

  7. Drogba is a legend. But yeah, point taken.

    I think Drogba needs to train Torres for a few months haha.

  8. @AngelOfMercy91 in football anything can happen man…imposible can be possible…its the underdogs turn….ahahaha

  9. mengikut peraturan bola…lintasi line 100% baru gol, jika masih kena line walaupun sedikit belum lagi gol…cuba tengok video replay…nilai sendiri..

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