Making Some Changes June 22, 2012 June 22, 2012 StrikeForce

Didier Drogba has announced that he will be leaving his current team, with a possible jump to Shanghai. Chelsea had just chalked up a win over Bayern Munich, setting the win with a well placed penalty shot from Drogba, when he announced his possible change.

Former Argentina player Batista is working hard on the Shanghai side to make the deal happen, but there is a lot that must be done before everything is signed and settled.

“There is a big possibility he will come (to Shenhua) but it will depend on the hard work the club puts into bringing him here,” said former Argentina midfielder Batista.

“It’s not as if the club wants someone to come here and they (automatically) come – it is not that simple.”

The Shanghai Shenhua has been making quite a few changes lately in addition to trying to land Didier Drogba. Coaching changes were fast and furious recently after many of the recent losses. Batista himself is a recent addition, less than two months old in the Shanghai staff.

Shanghai has a history of spending large amounts of money to build their team. Nicolas Anelka, a former team mate of Drogba, did not come at a low price tag. All over China big names in the staffing and coaching staff have been coming and going over the past year and even longer.

Drogba came to his current position in 2004; he has made 341 appearances to date and scored a massive 157 times, making him a player to be reckoned with. That makes him the club’s fourth leading scorer. There is no doubt that he is well suited to the hard and fast paced Premier League. From his history he also has four FA cups and two league cups under his belt. It is no doubt that where ever next season has Drogba, we will be seeing a lot out of this powerhouse.