JOSE PLAYS IT SMART February 9, 2015 March 17, 2016 StrikeForce

Jose Mourinho did a couple of smart deals in terms of money during the mid-season transfer window, but, those dealings might not have made his squad any stronger.

Coming into the second half of the season, everyone knew that Chelsea had one of the best midfield combinations in the Premier League, if not the best, but, where they were a little bit weak at was the heart of defence.

With John Terry going well, that weakness might not have been exposed as yet, but, if the captain sustains a niggle and misses out a game or two, Chelsea would start feeling the heat because they don’t have as much quality in their defence as they have in their midfield and offensive line.

And, that’s why, the analysts are of the view that Mourinho should have looked for the defenders rather than the playmakers while being in the market the previous month.

Mourinho perhaps trusts the fitness of John Terry a bit too much. He reckons the veteran would get through the whole season without any break.

So far the Blues have played 23 matches in the English top flight in the ongoing season and Terry has been on the pitch for each and every second of them. He’s played nonstop. So, there is a very good chance of him pulling up something at some stage.  If he is out, Mourinho will have to depend on the pair of Cahill-Zouma, neither of whom is as skilled as Terry.

Of Course, there is some flexibility in the Chelsea squad with players like Branislav Ivanovic also capable of playing back, but, if Chelsea has to go with those make shift arrangements; they might not be able to put brakes on the strong attacking units.

Chelsea has to visit Arsenal shortly (which makes them firm favourites for) while they will take Manchester United on at the Bridge later in the month.