25 replies on “Inside The Pro – Didier Drogba: Have An Impact”

  1. @WarOfRoses25 Thats True i never said that he sucked….i just know that
    Rooney is Better

  2. @suckermonster really he should be and then in the second half he ends up
    scoring a hat trick.

  3. @ish13ballack If you have ever played the game, you would know who it feels
    to loose by such a large margin. It can really affect certain athlete’s
    confidence and performance. That’s why we have certain codes of decency
    that is usually inferred by the opponents to prevent such behaviors to be
    practiced in such forms. I’m just saying, you dont really have to “go easy”
    on someone, but you could definitely slow your game down after gaining a
    commanding position.

  4. Drogba is a true striker, never drops his level, that’s what i love from

  5. if you ask me to like ur coment, the chances of me doing that go from 0% to

  6. @N3v3rG1veUp congrats, I’m a Arsenal fan, but I got to admit Chelsea are
    really the best in the Premier League ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. he is the best striker in the world. but when asked the question on the
    street “who’s the best striker in the world?”, people seem to always answer
    torres or rooney. weird eh? he’s lacking something!

  8. If you random flamers look at La Liga/Liga BBVA you see that FC Barcelona
    is leading the league with also 1 point ahead of Real Madrid FC,if Barca
    win and Real win too,the title goes to Barca. Are you going to flame that

  9. @N3v3rG1veUp most man utd fans mite be noobs but drogba is a cheat, a good
    player, but a cheat the push in the bac lost man utd the game in the fist
    half of the season and then the offside goal, ppl say well man u got a
    dodgy goal wiv macheda, but it is unrealistic 2 say that chelsea wud of won
    that game if non of those goals occured the proccedings of the game wud be
    completly different… nd in the end it was a title decider…

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