Drogba’s goal was not enough for MLS All-Star August 19, 2016 August 19, 2016 AnDrogElkBaa

Didier Drogba is one of the most prolific and memorable strikers to have performed in the Premier League as the Ivorian striker managed to score over 200 goals during his 10 year long stay with Chelsea.

During his time performing in the Premier League, the bountiful striker was able to score goals against just about every club in the top tier English League but there are a few clubs in specific that Drogba enjoyed scoring more where he always managed to make his mark and one of those clubs was Arsenal.

The Ivorian attacker has scored 16 goals in 16 games when playing off with Arsenal. Drogba scored his 16th goal against the team of Arsene Wenger a few days ago when Arsenal faced off with the MLS All-Star team. This match concluded with Arsenal claiming a 2-1 victory.

Drogba managed to find the back of the net at the 47th minute but it wasn’t enough for the All-Star team to claim a victory as Arsenal still emerged as the victorious side.

Even though the Ivorian attacker scored a goal and it was only a friendly encounter, he was left pretty frustrated with the result as he had to witness Arsenal coming out on top with a late goal which clutched out the victory for Arsene Wenger’s team.

When the match was over, Didier Drogba voiced his emotions as he said: “I want to help my team to win games. And I always say the goal that I score, if we lose, for me it doesn’t count. For me, it’s for fun because I scored against Petr Cech, but the result matters more than my goal or my own performance. It’s a bit disappointing to have lost this game in the last minute.
I hate losing’’