26 replies on “Drogba, the Movie”

  1. You know that we korean call him DrogGod ?
    it’s true..ask every korean passing by !!

  2. @3453454sfdsdfsdsfswe No, in Turkey all the players gets forgotten, like Milan Baros, Roberto Carlos, Mateja Kezman, Nicolas Anelka (but he came to Chelsea)..

  3. His game is as perfect as a jewel created by a master. I salute you drogba

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  5. fukng bastard gollywog ,african black gorilla,,,bcz of so many gollywog i change my club

  6. Awesome player really! But, the fact that he is one of the biggest and strongest striker in EPL and still falls easier than a 10 year old girl is a bit odd.

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