25 replies on “Drogba 100 Goals”

  1. Thumbs up if you think drogba should stay with chelsea and torres should take his sorry ass back to liverpool!

  2. @niltash4ever My favorite part of this post is the capitalization of “Him” paying respect to the god that he is. Chelsea would be dumb to get rid of him any time soon. Long live the Drogs.

  3. “I’m a big fan of Didier, but I don’t think I’ll entice him to the north-east. It’s a bit cold for him at this stage of his career. “Some set the example of others to follow, he’s done that. He’s an outstanding player for Chelsea.”
    These are the words of Alan Pardew concerning Drogba. It’s funny how people outside the club appreciate the great work he has done for chelsea more that the chelsea fans. These are the kind of players that bring honor to a club. Long live Drogba. You are loved.

  4. As a Chelsea fan, I now understand why Marseille fans haven’t forgotten Drogba after all these years. He gives His all to the club and its hard not to love Him. And his genuis on the pitch makes you to fall deeper and deeper in love with Him as the days go by. His name is written in the hearts of all His fans, and it will be there forever. Long live Didier, we love you.

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  6. I really can’t express what i feel, but i will try. Didier, seeing you being left out in the cold by Chelsea is killing me. How can we forget so soon all the glorious moments you gave us? You were brilliant at the begining of the season, but your brilliance was cut short by malaria and now everybody is talking evil of you and wanting you to leave. I just want to let you know that your fans still love you and believe in your abilities. Long live the greatest stricker ever to grace Stamfordbridge.

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