25 replies on “Didier Drogba loses his head!”

  1. @ADHOK99 He said, “It’s a disgrace, it’s a fucking disgrace”

  2. Well, Drogba got rude but he was absolutely right. It’s just the sense of justice inside him which speaks, who are we to defy that? It’s just human nature, Chelsea got robbed badly and i’m sure i would have behaved the same, lawl

  3. @yazid3848 Gullit never played for Barcelona. And he played and managed at Chelsea

  4. I’m not English and the behaviour that I don’t understand is the one of that journalist, giving lessons to Drogba. It was OBVIOUS that Chelsea got robbed. And a human person just would understand Drogba (he didn’t hit anybody he’s just expressed what he felt). He’s lost his head because he’s got gutts and a heart ! That journalist… really it’s shocking the way he speaks as if he were God. I don’t like such manners of superiority.

  5. One of the worst refereeing jobs I’ve ever seen, not only the terrible calls, but the referee could not control the players in the least. Look at the third penalty appeal, it looks like they’re playing american football, he has to do a spin move and a swim and theres still no foul.

    Drogba put it perfectly, it was a fucking disgrace.

  6. @habbomanish

    Its not that they want to, its that if they dont theyll get “done”. Kids watch these games/shows with their parents and you never know how each parent would react.

  7. @supercrimefighter13 This seems to me that the F.A. and U.E.F.A are against man utd in giving rooney a ban but not drogba

  8. Fuck you Keys, Drogba had a reason to say what he did whereas you did not, jackass

  9. He is right. It IS a fucking disgrace. Barcelona have had the backing of UEFA for 3 years now, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan all know this.

  10. @habbomanish It’s not their fault, it’s the broadcasting regulators.

  11. what’s the matter if Drogba says ”fucking”? I hate pussy reporters and channels that always want so censor everything. It’s not like the world will go under.

  12. chelsea robbed of 4 penalties by this bunch of cheating pathetic ref bribing fags..the RM match was almost as bad

  13. @AlmostEasy1702 What are U saying man, Anelka realized that Ref is fan of Barca and that he is unfair, he just said to himself ok, if someone from Barca will touch me or Pull me back I will fall…

  14. 0:13: “you cannot behave like that”

    What da fuuuuuck??!!! They were robbed straight, what would this guy expect? lol

  15. @tbellaiche no??? you’re just plain blind, then. there’s no way a reasonable human being can deny these penalties, everyone can teel you’re a barça fanatic.

    Oh, and by the way, Mourinho is only the best manager in the world. But only…

  16. a lot of paranoia again this wonderful team!
    no one of those penalty were obvious !
    mourhino is just a crying trainer he might have play the real madrid football instead of what he shows yesterday

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