1. fuck off was it offside, bolton player closest to anelka is playing him onside, this has to be one of the best team goals ever

  2. @ronaldoforthewin lampard put his foot under the ball to flick it, im pretty sure that wasnt an attempted 1-2 pass.

  3. @ronaldoforthewin Nah mate, look at Lampards reaction, he looked straight at Drogba after flicking it. If he wanted to play it Deco he would of laid it off with a side foot pass. But the goal should of been disallowed cos he was offside.

  4. @TheKingOfAwol Yes and thats why I know this wasn’t a planned pass to Drogba….. sorry.

    It was fairly obvious he was trying a 1-2 with Deco.

  5. @ronaldoforthewin you just know nothing about football do you ? i mean playing it , not on ps3..

  6. @ronaldoforthewin
    Your stupid did you not see the way he passed it? They just played perfect Brazilian football right there.