25 replies on “Didier Drogba 2012 HD African Power – Goodbye Champ”

  1. HAHA you’re joking right?? Why would a King join such a club who knocked out hhis kingdom the in CL and yes i have read the transfer news but DD isn’t going to Turin so keep on dreaming joker lol!

  2. the guy just had/has everything. control, strength, pace, power, aggression, energy and finish. the perfect striker. chelsea miss him and so does epl.

  3. No one will ever impress me as this man did. I actually cried when I heard he will leave Chelsea (no homo). Whoever shall replace him will only aspire to be like him but never actually live up to his standards.

  4. What do you people think about Eto’o vs Drogba??? Personally i think Eto’o>Drogba by a bit.

  5. I know it’s counter productive to my interests to feel this way…but I really wish The Drog wasn’t leaving the Prem.
    Always saddens me a little when one of the best departs.
    Great player. Great man.

  6. Fuck me? wait dude, Fuck you! Chelsea played outstanding through out the UCL but the only match i can fault is the away game against Napoli, other than that, I see no bad in our run, ok you might think I am only saying this because I am a Chelsea fan (17 years supporting them) but give it a break and let us enjoy the moment because that is what I am doing.

  7. Drogba!You are a legend!Ronaldo R9,Raul & Drogba are the best striker ever!!
    Drogba>This fucking world!

  8. He needs a team like Juventus this year.
    @AC1881TV can u make a video for Buffon

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