25 replies on “Didier Drogba-2009 2010”

  1. Typical selfish footballer, didn’t give a fuck until his place was under threat.

  2. @Dunkmaster3333 Shows how bright you are using words such as: “Owned”, jump back on your Xbox you fucking dork.

  3. @Dunkmaster3333 Wow, you’re still replying to me when I gave you nothing to feed off, what a sad lonely cunt. Rooney’s a better Footballer, now please, you sad yank bastard, get a grip.

  4. @2BarKawi obviously not as much as you…Drogba is the best in the EPL right now, and definitely for about the last 2-3 years. Drogba is amazingly good…

  5. @Dunkmaster3333 Drogba is a better Striker, but not a better Footballer, not a fucking prayer.

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  7. Talk of Drogba leaving in the summer, I would love for him to see out the rest of his career with Chelsea, he might be having a bad season but never forget what he has done for our club. The trophies he has helped us win and the goals he has scored. He is proper Chels <3

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