25 replies on “Didier Drogba║The Chelsea Hero║2008/2009 By TomScoF”

  1. if drogba out of chelsea..plisss go to real madrid.! drogba..u awesome!!!

  2. As a Chelsea fan, I now understand why Marseille fans haven’t forgotten Drogba after all these years. He gives His all to the club and its hard not to love Him. And his genuis on the pitch makes you to fall deeper and deeper in love with Him as the days go by. His name is written in the hearts of all His fans, and it will be there forever. Long live Didier, we love you. You are truely amazing

  3. Drogba The Best ! 🙂
    Drogba 4ever I write this with the Polish! Because we’re fans too! The whole world for Drogba

  4. fuck u black monkey we hate you,,,,,,,,,,,where r english white player in english teams,,,,,

  5. People said Drogab was past it and rubbish in 2008 and he proved them all wrong he won 2 FA Cups and a PL, ha ha ha haters and was top scorer in England in 09-10 😛

  6. As good as Drogba is Chelsea’s days at the top are numbered unless they get some younger players in. Roman no longer cares. It’s so obvious. Man utd have so much new talent there is no competition. Danny welbeck, Tom cleverley, mame diouf, Federico macheda, Gibson. Chelsea just have sturridge. Everyone is 30 and it’s too late to bring any decent talent up through the ranks as you should. Better get your wallet out abramovich. Chelski’s time is up.

  7. Didier Drogba King on youtube ! 😀 Drogba says : 😀 Barcelona kiss my ass ;D

  8. what program did you use to make this video, can you please tell me. thay yo so much,

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