26 replies on “chelsea fans sing nicolas anelka chant”

    Nicolas Anelka,
    Nicolas Anelka,
    Nicolas Anelka,
    Nicolas Anelka…

  2. hahahahahahah. wha was score… you didn’t us away or at the ‘famous’ kop

  3. i’ll be nice in this comment, well done for not being a glory hunter, im a scouser through and through, never missed a liverpool game, i love my club Y.N.W.A

  4. i live in north london and support chelsea, the team my dad has supported since the 50’s so shh.

    we’ll see who will have the bragging rights in about 1 months time anyway!

  5. im pretty sure torres, gerrard and alonso taught you a lesson 2. and chrisssssay, who do you surport? and do you live there if not, glory hunting scum

  6. think i remember benitez making similar comments last year, and im pretty sure drogba taught u a lesson or two about doubting his ability

  7. me and my dad are season ticket holders in the kop i havent missed a game since I was 5, and thats true

  8. why dont you dream of being in the kop for a start mate another glory hunting kopite who doesnt go the game i bet

  9. fuck up? isn’t that what u have done, were 1 point of man u and you are 4 points off? lampard thinks he’s the best player in the world, even though he is a class player, liverpool fans are just trying 2 show how loud, surportive and passionte we are and that you have fans that started surporting chelsea in 2003 thats after they stopped surporting manchester united.

  10. fuck off Liverpool fc
    you live off your history
    an you can fuck that stevie G
    cos JT got the captaincy!!

    why doesn’t rafa benitez own a dog? . . . .
    cos he can’t hold onto a lead!!


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