36 replies on “Anelka in England”

  1. @ftlptba yes i fuck your mummy i fuck your mummy i fuck your mummy, ARE YOU FUCKING INDIAN? idiot.

  2. @allankles hahahahaah i never knew he has joined almost all team of premier leauge! especially liverpool and man city i didnt even know!

  3. anelka must really HATE man united. played for arsenal, liverpool, man city and now currently playing for chelsea!

  4. Anelka stregth in his feet is amazing he is like Tevez he never gives up when trying to get the ball.

  5. @64demirbilek kanka seni anelka siksin :DDD
    geber kanka catla 😀 kahrindan olecen 😀 catla geber 😀
    her videoda sana blowjob yaptircam 😀

  6. Great player! superb finishing and pace! has grown in chelsea and become a key player, which is hard in a World-class team!

  7. anelka is the MAN, even now he shreds. and putting mtume in the background, so much better then tpain o whatever the shit they go and put on those ronaldo movies

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