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  1. Le but de la 7:30 il était juste MA-GNI-FI-QUE ! En live… C’était whaaaaaaaa !

  2. böyle bi futbolcu olablr mı ya oynadıgı takımlara bakın psg arsenal rean madrid liverpoll fenerbahçe bolton chealsea anelka the best forver in the world

  3. He wa in sooo many clubs that he learned Akita from em and he uses it wisely

  4. Had the potential to be better than henry has you can tell anelka was naturally skilled whereas henry had to learn things but i guess his temperament made it hard for him to be understood and leaving arsenal pretty much ruined it for him a bit.

    I remember wenger saying he wanted to a trio of overmars on the left,henry on the right and anelka in the middle for arsenal imagine the pace and movement and skill those 3 players would have brought to the arsenal attack them,wenger is genius.

  5. Anelka !!!

    We love you !

    FENERBAHCE fans loves you for always !


  6. World cup 2010 : qualification of French Football Team is a shame. I Agree. But I am very glad that Nicolas Anelka, 31 years old, is going to play his first World cup. All people from the World, be scared : Nicolas is coming…
    P.S. : What’s the fuck*%*ng Name of this song!!!

  7. The best video of Anelka EVER!
    Please don’t delete its from server 🙂

  8. anelka is the fucking boss ,aller nico marque 1 but contre les iles feorer

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