25 replies on “☆ Didier Drogba – Can’t be Stopped ☆ HD”

  1. bir aralar bende sekiztasa kardes takim derdim, onlar bize cimbom kumeye bagiran serefsizler degil mi? bizi yanliz birakan ibneler degilmi? ne kardes takimi.


    Let it happen so we can take down FUCKERBAHCE

  3. @BJK24Zaandam

    BJK & GS brother teams 🙂

    fuck fenerbahce… fucking bastard fenerbahce fans, drogba and forlan will fuck yo all!!

  4. Fantastic player. Hes good on the head, he can shoot with the both foots AND hes a great freekicker! Just amazing ..

  5. @BigGangsterGame
    I hope :).
    I am a Besiktas fan lol,
    They say that Forlán comes to BJK :)?
    Drogba & Forlán,
    fucking FB fans as brothers (Y).

  6. @BJK24Zaandam
    yes he is going to Galata..
    2years contract.. 5 m. punds each years..

    and he will fuck fenerbahce fans

  7. He better stay at chelsea for a 1 more season or 2…Who cares if he’s 30? Some people age differntly..he plays like a 25 year old

  8. torres es mas malo que la droga.Drogba es muchisimo mejor mas titulos,mas goles,titular de su seleccion.

  9. @fireflies690 Drogba is shit you say!???Did you even watched the whole clip?Or only the first 0:00 seconds?

  10. @fireflies690 Torres & Heskey are two of the most useless strikers the Premier League has ever seen, Drogba is class.

  11. @fireflies690 torrres is the worst striker in epl……wtf are u talking bout

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