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Jose Mourinho did a couple of smart deals in terms of money during the mid-season transfer window, but, those dealings might not have made his squad any stronger.

Coming into the second half of the season, everyone knew that Chelsea had one of the best midfield combinations in the Premier League, if not the best, but, where they were a little bit weak at was the heart of defence. Read more »

Chelsea leads the Table top for Season

Chelsea lead at the top of the table has been cut to just three points in the space of a few weeks, but striker Didier Drogba says that he knew all along that the blues were not going to run away with the title.

Manchester City’s impressive form over the last few weeks – despite missing key players like Sergio Aguero – and Chelsea dropping points against the likes of Southampton and Sunderland has seen the lead cut to just three points going into 2015. At one point, Chelsea had a nine point advantage over City.

The recent 1-1 draw is the latest in a string of dropped points for Jose Mourinho’s men, but they were let off the hook by City who could only manage 2-2 draw with Burnley at home. City were expected to be certainties for three points this match, but they have shown frailty at the Etihad stadium unlike in recent seasons. Read more »

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE ADEBAYOR et Didier Drogba the Big Summer

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Nicolas Anelka bulging

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Didier Drogba Shows His Stand Chelsea

Peter Osgood is one of the best players his generation has seen. He is a phenomenal striker.

There is a statue that stands outside Stamford Bridge in his honour to welcome the fans to West Stand. The statue tells people that it is where legends are made. Osgood is probably the only Chelsea player who is remembered that way by a club.

The next time a statue is made, it will surely be of Didier Drogba. Jose Mourinho, the manager of the special one keeps on saying wonderful things about Didier this week. He said that Didier has a character that is bigger than just his body. This was after Drogba on Tuesday had almost spearheaded the Chelsea battle and put the team to a tie against the Shrewsbury Town. Mourinho added that whatever he did was because of his character and that is what makes a special player. He said that if he was a kid who was playing with such a guy as Didier, he would feel privileged.

Although 36 years old, Drogba showed himself to be the star of the match, when he brought the Chelsea match against Manchester United to a draw with 1 goal on each side. Chelsea fans feel privileged of seeing Drogba in Chelsea colours once again. Drogba had left the club after the Champions league two years ago and the fans thought that it was the last time they were seeing him.

When he returned to the club, expectations were very low from him as he had been playing in the two outposts of the football world: China and Turkey. These two countries are not exactly in very good books of the Premier League. So, the kick he made for the last ball was the one in which he delivered the Champions League.

Everything including the goals, the blood and the sweat that he had achieved in 8 years was all building up to come out at that moment.